Ihr Spezialist für die Optimierung des Designs, Betriebs, Unterhalts, der Kosten, Investitionen und Innovationsprojekte für Smart Grids, Smart Energy Systems, Smart Cities: Wissenschaftlich basiert (ETH-Professor 1993-2000), erfahren in den Energiegesetzen (BFE-StromVG 2002-2007), erfahren im Schweizer und europäischen Energieumfeld, vertrauenswürdig und neutral.


Your specialist for the optimization of the design, operation, maintenance, costs, investments and innovation projects for smart grids, smart energy systems, smart cities: Science based (ETH Professor 1993-2000), experienced in legal energy acts and laws (BFE-StromVG 2002-2007), experienced in the Swiss and European Energy Systems, trustworthy and neutral.


BACHER ENERGIE AG: Your independent consultant

  • Regulated electric grid operators
  • (Non-regulated) area grid operators
  • Electricity consumers (households, SME, industry and aggregated responsibilities for communities, cities, cantons)
  • Electricity generators (both large size generators feeding into higher voltage levels and small size feeding into the 400V and 10kV grids).
  • Power Balance Group Responsible
  • Power Traders exposed to grid congested markets (implicit/explicit auctions) with varying electricity prices
  • Governments (Community, City, Canton, National, European commission)
  • Grid Regulators

Recent Business Partners

BACHER ENERGIE AG: Your trusted collaborator

  • EC (European Commission, Brussels, Belgium)
  • BFE (Bundesamt für Energie, Bern, Switzerland)
  • ETH Zürich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland)
  • RSE, Italy
  • DOWEL, France
  • Zabala, Spain
  • Electricity Grid Operators (also electricity retailers)
  • VSE (Verband Schweizerischer Elektrizitätswerke, Aarau, Switzerland)
  • BKW, Switzerland
  • CKW, Switzerland
  • ewz, Switzerland
  • City and Utility of Mendrisio, Switzerland
  • City and Utility of Meiringen, Switzerland
  • LEONI Studer AG (Däniken, Switzerland)
  • Brugg Kabel AG (Brugg, Switzerland)


ETIP SNET Members - European Technology and Innovation Platform for the Smart Networks Energy Transition: BACHER ENERGIE AG is Technical Coordinator advising ETIP SNET stakeholders:

  • TSO's: ENTSO-E
  • DSO: EDSO, European Distribution System Operators for Smart Grids
  • Regulators: ACER
  • Generation: Eurelectric
  • Renewables: the EUREC
  • Users: IFIEC
  • Electrotechnology equipment manufacturers: T&D Europe
  • Customer Demand and Metering:
  • Telecommunications: European Utilities Telecom Council
  • Metering manufacturers and systems: the European Smart Metering Interest Group, ESMIG
  • Research and development within the electricity companies
  • Research institutes, governmental organizations, university institutes, education: university professors
  • Applied Research Labs: European Energy Research Alliance (EERA)